Demo Boards
No. Name Summary Applications Download
1 TMR Switch Sensor Demo Board

Demonstration kit for MDT omnipolar and bipolar TMR switch sensors

Utility Meters including Water, Gas, and Heat Meters; Proximity Switches; Speed Sensing; Rotary and Linear Position Sensing

2 TMR Gear Sensor Demo

The Gear Demonstration Board is a complete gear sensor system with microcontroller, graphic LCD display and incremental A/B output indication LED which demonstrates the capabilities of MMG444DG devices. The absolute phase measurement provides instant indication of the gear’s angular position with a resolution of 1.4° = 256 positions per revolution and the absolute value of the teeth.

Instruments and Meters

13 TMR9112 Pulse Initialization Demo Board

The TMR9112 demo board was developed to support evalution of the TMR9112 single-axis sensor. The demo board comes with  the fast bipolar current pulsing circuit needed for initialising the TMR9112 sensor, and it can be powered from a USB port or any external 5V power supply. For user convenience, the demo board has an optional on-board timer clock with four selectable frequency settings. The On-board timer clock and frequency output can be enabled using the jumper pins. This demo board is divisable along the dotted line so that the sensor board can be seperated from the pulsing circuit board.

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