IP Licensing
IP Licensing

MDT’s Strong IP Portfolio and Advanced Manufacturing Facilities for Magnetic Sensors Provide Comprehensive Service Options from Standard Device, Custom Design, Foundry Service, to IP Licensing

MDT is a leading supplier of magnetic sensors specializing in Magnetoresistance (MR) technology. MDT produces MR sensors with high sensitivity, low noise, ultra-low power, and excellent thermal stability, which are unique to MDT’s MR technology. The new service options extend MDT’s present in-plane TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) sensors, with the inclusion of advanced design and manufacturing services for AMR (Anisotropic Magnetoresistance) sensors, GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance) sensors, and new Z-axis TMR sensors that are an excellent alternative for Hall Effect sensors. These service options will enable MDT to provide versatile solutions for a wider range of applications in the magnetic sensor market.

“MDT’s leadership in the magnetic sensor industry is backed by our strong IP portfolio, which covers critical process knowhow and design for MR sensors, and also the important applications where these sensors are used. We have filed 100+ patent applications worldwide, in which 52 have been issued. These figures are constantly growing as we advance our sensor technology and expand our market influence. Our strong IP portfolio combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, makes MDT the only magnetic sensor supplier that presently is able to offer such a comprehensive set of capabilities to the market,” said Dr. Song Xue, Chairman and CEO of MDT. “We are committed to delivering the best value to our customers. Whether their applications demand high sensitivity, low noise, high speed, low power, enhanced usability or cost-effectiveness, alone or in combination, we will have a solution that suits their needs and provides superior performance.”


MDT’s Service Options Include:

  • In-plane and Z-axis TMR sensors, in wafers, bare dice, or packaged devices

  • Custom design for TMR/GMR/AMR sensors

  • ASIC design for integration with TMR/GMR/AMR sensors

  • Foundry service for TMR/GMR/AMR sensors with thin-film deposition, device processing, packaging and testing

  • Custom sensor module design and application solutions

  • IP licensing, granting customers access to MDT’s technology to be incorporated into their products

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