TMR7303-D/P1 Unibody, Miniture Current Sensor
  • TMR7303-big
Part No.:TMR7303-D/P1
Nominal current(A):10~120
Current range(A):±25~±300
Offset drift(mV/℃):/
Output drift(mV/℃):/
Operating Temperature(℃):-40~+105


TMR7303-D/P1 is based on tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) technology with high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and high sensitivity for measuring DC, AC, pulsed current and arbitrary waveform current with galvanic isolation and its internal temperature compensation circuitry provides excellent performance under different ambient temperature ranges. It is also a open loop current sensor with low power, miniature size, excellent frequency response.


Features and Benefits

iconTunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) technologyiconLow noise, low power consumption
iconFast response time, high bandwidth (≥ 500 kHz)iconExcellent temperature stability
iconRoHS & REACH Compliant, UL Certified


iconPhotovoltaic invertericonSwitching power supplies
iconInverter and variable frequency drives (VFD)iconDC motor drive
iconPower supplies for welding application
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