TMR4101 High Precision Analog Magnetic Scale Sensor
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Part No.: TMR4101
Single / Double Full: /
Supply Voltage (V): 1 ~ 6
TMR Element Spacing (mm): /
Gear Tooth Pitch Range: /

Resistance (kΩ): 5 ~ 10
Saturation Field (Gs): /
Sensing Direction: X-axis
Package: DFN4L(1.32×0.66×0.3)
Lead Time: In stock


The TMR4101 magnetic scale sensor contains two push-pull half-bridges, each consisting of two high-sensitivity tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) elements. The layout of the TMR elements matches the width of the magnetic poles. When the sensor moves along the length of the scale, the sensor outputs two quadrature sine wave signals, each corresponding to the width of a pair of magnetic poles. By decoding these two sine wave signals, the relative displacement between the chip and the scale can be accurately measured.

The TMR4101 magnetic scale sensor chip uses a small package DFN4L (1.32 mm × 0.66 mm × 0.3 mm), which reduces the requirements for chip installation, making the structural design of the system more flexible and convenient for assembly in narrow spaces.

MultiDimension Technology can provide magnetic scale medium with customizable lengths as the accessory of TMR4101 to meet our customers’ needs.


Features and Benefits

iconTunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) technologyiconDetects magnetic scale period of 0.8 mm
iconHigh sensitivityicon Wide operating voltage range
iconAllows for larger air gapiconAnalog voltage outputs for A and B phases
iconGood temperature stabilityiconRoHS & REACH compliant


iconCamera Autofocus SystemiconGear motion speed and direction detection
iconLinear and angular velocity sensingiconLinear and curved displacement measurement
iconMagnetic scale and magnetic encoder
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    High Precision Analog Magnetic Scale Sensor

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