TMR3365 Automotive Digital TMR Magnetic Angle Sensor
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Part No.: TMR3365
Type: Digital Series
Supply Voltage(V): 4.5 to 18
Angle Measurement(°): 360°
Resistance(kΩ): /
PP (mV/V): /
Field Operating Range(Gs): 200 to 800
Angular Error: < ±0.3° / < ±0.5°
Output: SENT/PWM/Analog
Package: SOP8
Lead Time: In stock


TMR3365 is a non-contact, high-speed, high-precision digital magnetic angle sensor from MultiDimension Technology (MDT). It captures the magnetic field signal and calculates the rotation angle by sensing the rotation of the magnet above the sensor. The sensor integrates a tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor and a signal processing ASIC, providing a rich set of working parameter configurations and various output interfaces for customers to choose from.

The TMR3365 provides three output modes: analog, PWM, and SENT (supports enhanced protocol). It can achieve the best absolute position angle detection performance when the magnetic field is in the range of 200 Gs to 800 Gs. The sensor has a built-in self-diagnostic and alarm function, providing safety assurances.

The TMR3365 features a built-in 5-point/17-point non-linear calibration function, which is simple to operate, allowing customers to easily compensate for non-linear errors caused by mounting. It also supports programmable angle measurement range functions to meet customer needs. The sensor supports a one-wire communication protocol (OWI).

The TMR3365 is available in SOP8 package.


Features and Benefits

iconTunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) technologyiconAdaptable supply voltage: 4.5 V to 18 V
iconSupply current down to 10 mAicon Supports reverse pin voltage protection
icon Supports one-wire communication protocol (OWI)icon Output modes: SENT / PWM / Analog
iconProgrammable angle measurement rangeiconBuilt-in self-diagnosis and alarm function
icon Operating temperature range: -40°C to 160°CiconBuilt-in EEPROM, over 10,000 write cycles
icon Excellent resistance to environmental magnetic fieldsicon AEC-Q100 compliant
iconPiecewise linear calibration mode: 5-point or 17-point calibrationiconRoHS and REACH compliant


iconAbsolute value rotary position sensoriconSteering wheel angle sensor
iconThrottle position sensoriconRide height position sensor
iconFloating liquid level sensoriconNon-contact potentiometer
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