AMR1342 High-Sensitivity Pneumatic Cylinder Switch Sensor
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Part Number: AMR1342
Compatible Part Number: —
Type: Omnipolar
Supply Voltage(V): 1.6~5 V
Power consumption(μA): 40μA
Power Mode: power cycling
Sensing Direction: X-axis
Bop (Gs,25°C)(Gs): ±35
Brp (Gs,25°C)(Gs): ±27
Output Interface: CMOS
Package: DFN3L(2x2x0.55) LGA3L(2×1.5×0.63)
Lead Time: In stock

General DescriptionThe AMR134x is a digital omnipolar magnetic switch that integrates magnetoresistance and CMOS technology to provide a magnetically triggered digital switch with high sensitivity, high speed, and low power consumption. It is designed for pneumatic cylinder position sensing in industrial applications.

It contains a full-bridge push-pull anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) sensor and CMOS signal processing circuitry within the same package, including an on-chip voltage generator and voltage amplifier and comparator for precise magnetic sensing, plus a Schmitt trigger to provide switching hysteresis for noise rejection, and CMOS push-pull output. An internal band gap regulator is used to provide a temperature compensated supply voltage for internal circuits, permitting a wide range of supply voltages.

The AMR134x operates in low voltage and draws only 40 μA resulting in low power operation. It has fast response, accurate switching points, excellent thermal stability, and immunity to stray field interference.

AMR134x is available in two compact DFN3L(2 × 2 × 0.55 mm) and LGA3L(2 × 1.5 × 0.63 mm) packages.

Features and Benefits(1)Anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) technology;(2)Low power consumption: 40 μA;(3)Power cycling latching switch;(4)High frequency response: typ.1 kHz;(5)Omnipolar operation;(6)High sensitivity;(7)Wide range of supply voltages;(8)Excellent temperature stability;(9)High tolerance to external magnetic field interference.

ApplicationsPneumatic cylinder position switches.

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