USB2705A Axial Low-Field USB Magnetometer
Part No.:USB2705A
Description:Axial Low-Field USB Magnetometer
Measurement Range(Oe):-50~50
Sensing Direction:X
Hysteresis (Oe):0.3(Fit@±15Oe)
Uncorrected Nonlinearity:3%FS(Fit@±15Oe)
RMS Noise(mOe):0.35
Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity(%/℃):-0.1
Sampling Frequency:110
  • USB2705A

Download 1 - User ManualUSB_Magnetometer_User_manual_v4.0.pdf

Download 2 - PC Software Suite and DocumentationsUSBMagV4.0.2.rar 

Download 3 -  Android

(Custom compiled firmware for the USB Magnetometers is available upon request. Please contact for information pertaining to USB magnetometer firmware. 

General Description: The MDT USB Magnetometer is a single axis digital magnetometer product family that is intended for the measurement of magnetic fields at frequencies less than 100 Hz.  The MDT USB Magnetometer combines a MDT TMR2705 TMR full bridge magnetic field sensor or other MDT sensor with plug and play USB data acquisition electronics to provide a single axis digital magnetometer in a simple low cost form factor.  It is designed such that the user may use it directly combined with the proprietary MDT graphical user interface (GUI), controlled with a terminal emulator program, or integrated into the user’s custom written program.  The GUI can be run on an 8” Windows Tablet, a notebook, or desktop computer.  Additionally, the probe electronics may be reprogrammed by the user using freely available open source Arduino development tools.  The MDT USB Magnetometer is thus a complete development tool that allows a user a simple means for experimenting with MDT TMR sensors, sensor applications, and developing microcode and algorithms.


Features:(1) High accuracy TMR magnetic field sensor or high field Hall sensor; (2) Low power operating directly from a USB port; (3) Resolution, speed, and sampling can be adjusted, and in low speed mode can be < 0.1 mG; (4) USB plug and play; (5) Ability to run multiple USB sensors simultaneously; (6) Fully open architecture and documented interface permitting custom code development; (7) Compatible with any programming language that can access a COM port; (8) Can be used directly with a terminal emulator program on Windows, Mac, etc.; (9) Low cost in volume and can be considered for disposable applications; (10) Data acquisition hardware in the USB connector has a bootloader and it can be custom programmed through a USB port using freely available Arduino software; (11) Easy user calibration in Earth’s field with no specialized equipment required; (12) Data logging graphical interface for Windows; (13)Standard FTDI USB drivers for compatibility and reliability


Applications(1) High precision, Low speed (<100 Hz) magnetic field measurement; (2) magnetic field range dependent on sensor series (<1 mOe to 40 Oe, <1 Oe to 30,000 Oe);(3) Data acquisition systems; (4) Remanent flux inspection;(5) Non destructive testing; (6) Motion and fields of magnetic objects; (7) Magnetic field data logging; (8) Current measurement;(9) Detection of magnetic objects; (10) Laboratory measurements; (11) Sensor signal processing algorithm development


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