LPS-TMR125B4 High precision high frequency noise anti - electromagnetic interference linear displacement sensor
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Part No.:LPS-TMR125B4
Supply Votage(VDC):8~36
Measuring distance(mm):125mm
Signal Mode:RS485,Customizable
Operating Temperature(℃):-25~85
Frequency Response:4kHz
Length:Stroke Length+81mm
Pulling Stroke:Stroke Length+1mm

General Description:LPS-TMR125B4 is a magnetoresistive technique based non-contact linear position sensor, with enhanced accuracy, fast frequency response and anti-electromagnetic interference feature. LPS-TMR125B4 provides real time zero position calibration function, which enables zero position adjustment during installation. It supports 10 mm to 2000 mm long range absolute position measurement, with 10 mm resolution, 100 mm accuracy, ±0.05% FS nonlinear error, 4 kHz frequency response, and RS485 output interface (other output modes are customizable).

LPS-TMR125B4 is a non-contacting sensing solution with enhanced reliability and durability, excellent anti-electromagnetic interference and harsh environment resistance performance, designed for a host of industrial automation applications.

Features and Benefits:(1)Adjustable zero point position;(2)High resolution;(3)High repeatability;(4)High frequency response;(5)Low linearity error;(6)Non-contact design, long liftime;(7)Superior protection against EMI;(8)Customizable output interface。


Applications:(1)Automotive Manufacturing;(2)Machine tools;(3)Transmission components;(4)Liquid level measurements;(5)General position sensing system。

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