TMR1155 High-Voltage TMR Z-Axis Unipolar Switch
Part No.:TMR1155
Previous Part No.:TMR1252B
Supply Voltage:3~40 V
Power Consumption:0.6mA
Operating Modes:

continuous power, no duty cycling

Sensing Direction:Z-axis
B_op (Gs,25°C):70
B_rp (Gs,25°C):55
Output Interface:Open Drain
Form Factor:SOT23-3 TO-92S
Lead Time:In stock
  • TMR1155

General DescriptionTMR1155 is a digital unipolar magnetic switch that integrates TMR and CMOS technology in order to provide a magnetically triggered digital switch with high sensitivity, high speed, and ultra-low power consumption. It is designed for use in applications that are both power-critical and performance-demanding. It contains a push-pull half-bridge TMR magnetic sensor and CMOS signal processing circuitry within the same package, including an on-chip TMR voltage generator for precise magnetic sensing, a TMR voltage amplifier and comparator plus a Schmitt trigger to provide switching hysteresis for noise rejection, and CMOS push-pull output. An internal band gap regulator is used to provide a temperature compensated supply voltage for internal circuits, permitting a wide range of supply voltages up to 40V. The TMR1155 draws only 1.5mA resulting in low power operation. It has fast response, accurate switching points, excellent thermal stability, and immunity to stray field interference. It is available in the SOT23-3 package (P/N TMR1155S) or the TO-92S package (P/N TMR1155T).

Features and Benefits(1)Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) Technology;(2)Low Power Consumption < 1.5mA;(3)High Frequency Response ≥100kHz;(4)Uipolar Latching Operation;(5)Z-axis sensing direction compatible with Hall Effect;(6)Low Switching Points for High Sensitivity;(7)High Supply Voltage of 40V and 30V Reverse Voltage;(8)Open Drain Output;(9)Excellent Thermal Stability;(10)High Tolerance to External Magnetic Field Interference

Applications(1)Utility Meters including Water, Gas, and Heat Meters;(2)Solid State Switches;(3)Position and Speed Sensing;(4)Motor and Fan Control;(5)Power Window

sot23-3 to92s(4x3x1.5)


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