MultiDimension Technology (MDT) is a magnetic sensor (TMR/GMR/AMR) manufacturer founded in 2010, and headquartered in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. MDT has branches in Ningbo Zhejiang, Chengdu Sichuan, San Jose USA, and Osaka Japan, with its sales network all over the world.

With over 400 patents, more than 200 magnetic sensor lineup, and advanced TMR/GMR/AMR magnetic sensor mass production foundry, MDT can provide various high-performance magnetic sensors and diversified solutions for our customers.

With the advanced mass production fab and the proven wafer fabrication process for magnetic sensors, MDT is capable of supplying high performance magnetic sensors in large volume to meet diverse application needs.

MDT is able to supply packaged chip as well as in whole wafer, die, or chip-on-board format of magnetic sensors (TMR/GMR/AMR) to customers. In addition, MDT can provide customized service options for magnetic sensor design, wafer fabrication and testing.

As a global pioneer of high-end magnetoresistive sensor technology, MDT has more than 500 patents and over 200 magnetic sensor and module products. MDT specializes in providing high-quality and innovative magnetic sensor chips and stable and accurate magnetic field detection solutions for global customers.

Led by a core management team of elite experts and veterans in magnetic sensor technology and engineering services, MDT is committed to supporting its customers with high quality magnetic sensor and module products.


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MDT pursues excellence in quality control with a complete quality and environmental management system. MDT is committed to improving customer satisfaction and creating a green production environment.


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