TMR6218 18 Channels Currency Head
Part No.:TMR6218
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Channels:18 Channel
Sensing Length:180mm
  • TMR6218

General Description:The TMR6218 magnetic pattern recognition sensor consists of Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensing elements, a high-quality magnet, a robust plastic base with outstanding mechanical strength, and a durable non-magnetic stainless steel cover.


Features and Benefits:The TMR6218 series of TMR magnetic pattern recognition sensor is a magnetic signal reader head for use in detecting and recognizing the magnetic properties of paper bills, bank notes, and securities documents. Designed with outstanding weak field detection capability of MDT’s TMR technology, along with a customized hollow-shaped bias magnet, the TMR6218 features high sensitivity, high signal to noise ratio, and wide air-gap tolerance, and it is not susceptible to tilt or misalignment in installation or shock and vibration along the vertical direction (Z-axis) during operation.The TMR6218 sensor series applies high mechanical strength plastic, and solid, hard-wearing non-magnetic stainless steel materials, and it achieves a compact, miniaturized, light-weight and robust structural design. It can significantly simplify the design of structural components of financial machinery and measurement equipment, and it can release installation and maintenance procedures from complicated requirements.The TMR6218 sensor series uses a single base for multiple sets of TMR sensing elements. The custom designed, integrated packaging and testing process ensures that the multiple sets of TMR sensing elements can cover the designated detection area seamlessly.


Applications:(1)Bill and banknote counter and validator;(2)Bill and banknote sorter;(3)ATM;(4)Bill reader and validator in automated vending machines;(5)Reader head of magnetic card reader.



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